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Member of the Month!

Post  Admin on Tue Apr 22, 2008 2:40 pm

You see that certain webkinz get to be the Pet Of The Month each month, right? Well why can't users have the same oppurtunity? Well, if the Admins see that you have not only reached a proper site member behavior, but excel as well (being kind, having a good attitude, complimenting) you will be chosen as the member of the month. Here are the rewards of becoming a member:
1. your username will be posted on the home page (above the forum)
2. you will be sent three items by me, Admin, which contain the following: 1 exclusive, 1 PSF, 1 Rare/CSO

BUT... you can not go out of your way to be kind for the purpose of being the member of the month, you have to because that is how you act and you are doing it to be kind.

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